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Hello my fellow multitasking parents!

My name is Anissa & just like you, life is hectic. In today's world when majority of us agree parenting is harder than 10 years ago as sited by pews social trends, can you really blame us for wanting to go a little bonkers on the society we will live in?!?! I mean really, the debates over cancerous/harmful foods, toys & toiletries over time has been devastating, confusing & to be honest a huge pain in the ass. We are constantly trying to juggle our jobs, family & friends (if we can manage to have any at all). The stress of it will kill a woman, or at least strike us with unwanted canker sores if your anything like me.....

In reality I am not the best mom out there, I just try my absolute hardest. We all know the emotional gratification when an acquaintance utters the words "that's great parenting, not just luck" simply trying to stay composed and not let the overwhelming backed up tears force hugs and pleads out of us thinking 'yes finally someone noticed'... But how do we do it? As a young entrepreneur, first time mommy to a 3 month old and front desk girl at your local boutique gym, I'm here to tell you your not alone! There is a way to juggle it, sometimes we just take in more than we can chew. Being a multi-momma isn't for everyone but, it is for me. I will give you all my tips and tricks along the way from babies first bites, home skin care, event planning, and the struggle to juggle. This isn't your average business blog because, screw the average....

Topics to discuss: Along with any subject you request!

  • Baby Belly Buster: How I went stretch mark free and back to a 6 pack
  • Family Meals: The importance of quality, time & 'quality time'
  • Business, Baby, Budget: Being tight on finances, and still managing
  • To Tech Or To Teach: Stop Phubbing
  • Multi-dadding: Respect it, manage it!